Dedicated by design

BodyPak Ltd. has designed, developed and patented a unique range of Flip Top Jars, available in sizes ranging from 30ml to 375ml. These classic, contemporary looking jars are of single wall PP construction and use significantly less plastic than standard double wall jars, and others that are commonly available in the market.

The patented snap-lock flip top lids offer the added benefit of an improved sealing and orientation system suitable for even the most searching liquid products.

The majority of consumers love the added convenience of an -easy-to-use flip top jar. Never lose a lid again! Furthermore the flip top design improves hygiene, reducing bacteria transfer from surfaces into the product.

All of our flip top jars also come with the option of an integrated IHS aluminium foil seal to ensure tamper evidence. We can even decorate the foil seal with your design to increase brand awareness. That’s what we call enhanced performance and improved design!

  • Active hinge flip top for easy product access

  • Patented sealing system suitable for a range of liquids

  • More hygienic than conventional jars

  • PP single wall construction for easier recycling

  • Tamper-evident and air-tight foil seals available

  • IHS branding optional

  • Customise by adding your own logo to the flip top lid

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Never lose your lid again! Our easy-to-use flip top closure grants quick and secure access to the product.


Reduced surface bacteria transfer, and an option for an integrated IHS aluminium foil seal (that can be branded with your logo).


Comes in a variety of capacity options, applicable to a wide range of market sectors, from personal care to food and healthcare.

Product Range & Specifications

Product Description Product Code Base of Neck Capacity Overall Height Diameter Material Neck Type Sealing System
375ml Flip Top Jar BP1088 375ml 75.5mm 97.0mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
200ml Flip Top Jar BP1032 202ml 49.5mm 97.0mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
175ml Flip Top Jar BP1025 191ml 71.5mm 74.0mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
150ml Flip Top Jar BP1059 150ml 84.5mm 74.5mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
100ml Flip Top Jar (Squat) BP1074 100ml 49.5mm 74.5mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
100ml Flip Top Jar BP1029 94ml 63.0mm 57.5mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
75ml Flip Top Jar BP1119 75ml 73.1mm 44.0mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
60ml Flip Top Jar BP1072 61ml 75.0mm 45.0mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
50ml Flip Top Jar BP1023 50ml 44.5mm 57.5mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal
30ml Flip Top Jar BP1071 30ml 41.5mm 45.5mm PP Snap-On Bore Seal